George Pegios The certified dentist

Over the years, George Pegios, a certified and qualified dentist, has been a source of enduring solution to patients grappling with teeth decay, crooked and discoloured teeth, worn and broken teeth, missing teeth and other dental complications. His “Dr George Pegios and Associates” is unrepentantly and dynamically committed to ensuring the perfect well-being of the teeth through various methods and procedures that have yielded desired results for hundreds of patients.

George Pegios, the CEO of Australian Institute of Implant Dentristry, offers reputable services in cosmetic, sedation and implant dentistry. With Dr George’s dental implants, beautiful smiles are restored to faces because of white and ideally arranged set of teeth.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be referred to as metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath one’s gum. They are replacement tooth roots usually made of titanium matching one’s natural teeth in size. The benefits of dental implants include improved appearance, improved speech, improved comfort, easeful eating , convenience and durability. Interestingly, with an advanced technology at Dr George’s disposal, he can undertake the dental implant treatment in an hour, producing maximum results such that the patients are able to use their new teeth immediately and go about their day-to-day activities.

How Effective are Porcelain Crowns?

Dr George Pegios uses dental crowns as effective remedies to teeth that are badly damaged. For your information, a crown functions as a cover that protects the damaged tooth , enhances its appearance and forestalls further decay, chipping or cracking. In the light of this, Dr George Pegios comes up with a custom-made crown for each damaged tooth such that the crown matches each damaged tooth in size and shape to the surrounding teeth.

Enjoy Cosmetic Dentistry at its Best

George Pegios and Associates offers the following cosmetic procedures and benefits to the end that patients have their dental challenges solved and their smiles improved: tooth coloured filing, tooth whitening, all porcelain inlays and outlays, porcelain luminates/ veneeers and replacement of missing teeth.

Dr George Pegios Seminars for Patients are Free

The seminars are geared towards sensitising people about dental impacts and how they will improve their quality of living. The seminar typically runs for 40–60 minutes, affording the patients the juicy opportunity to meet with Dr George Pegios himself. Dr George will be available to respond to all questions from those in the community as regards dental implants.

George Pegios is professionally certified dental implant surgeon.

George Pegios will make any unhappy patient into a happy one.

George Pegios is the Owner of Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry. George Pegios is a dentist, he earned bachelor of dental surgery in 1984 in Sydney.

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