George Pegios is a recognized dentist in the sydney area. Great experience in both dental and pain management.

George Pegios The Pain Doctor

George Pegios is a doctor that specializes in pain management. Previously he was a dentist in the Sydney are serving people who had needs with severe dental problems. A lot of his patients see him a specialist because of his great work and results for 1000s of patients. Many patients came in looking extremely bad and after he finished with them, they came out with beautiful smiles. What is very beautiful and relaxing experience is that people normally fear the dentist but people with George Pegios normally come out very happy with little pain. That makes him a very powerful dentist not only in Australia but the entire world.

The moment you get to the office, a wonderful office manager reaches out to you to make sure you feel comfortable. Once, you get there you get to see a wonderful video on how dentistry works. From there you sit down hearing some very relaxing music. Once you are done you to an onboarding interview. This is where they are ask you the following questions.

1. Do you have any heart problems?

2. Do you have diabetes problems?

3. What type of dental have you had performed in the past 6 months?

4. How did that go with your previous dentist?

5. What expectations do you have of George Pegios?

6. How did you hear about George Pegios? Please name the publication, website or medium on how you heard about his practice.

This is very important to us because we spend a lot of money in marketing. We strive to become the number one dentist in the Sydney area. Part of this analyses is to get a good idea of what websites and links work the best.

From there we went into the meeting and everything went extremely well.

George Pegios is the best dentist and doctor around.

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George Pegios is the Owner of Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry. George Pegios is a dentist, he earned bachelor of dental surgery in 1984 in Sydney.

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