George Pegios — Turning Your Dream Teeth Into a Stunning Reality

Dr. George Pegios’ solutions to teeth complications seem to many awe-struck patients as a magic wand. This is because the process of getting their teeth effectively treated or replaced with artificial ones is simple, stree-free, time-saving and efficacious.

Given his rigorous training, expertise and exposure in the area of Implant, cosmetic and sedation dentistry, Dr George Pegios has been able to reach out to people in the throes of teeth woes. Interestingly, this dentist guru is armed with dynamic ways of addressing the complexity inherent in teeth issues that make living unbearable, painful and regrettable. Without mincing words, Dr. George Pegios’ dental breakthroughs have brought a great relief, comfort and bliss to those plagued by horrors of bad teeth.

Porcelain Ceramic Crowns

Dr George Pegios’ success streaks in dental implants have showed that dental crowns offer a durable and viable solution for badly damaged teeth. A crown is used to serve as a protection for damaged tooth ,enhance its outlook and prevents further decay, chipping or cracking.

How Dr.George Pegios Makes all the Difference

Dr George Pegios will fashion out a custom-made crown for each damaged tooth which matches in size and shape to the surrounding teeth. This is how Dr.George ensures that an alternative to your natural teeth, providing natural flow of smiles. With the Zirconium based porcelain crowns, patients can have mental free crowns and bridges for all teeth.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Dr George Pegios used fixed dental bridges to fill a gap created by one or more missing teeth. It is noteworthy that the bridge consists of two crowns one on either side of the gap with a prosthetic tooth in between. Dr George will use the existing teeth or dental implants to support the bridge.

Get Your Teeth Problems Fixed

In the bid to create a full bridge, Dr. George Pegios will make a mould of existing teeth and craft out a real-like prosthetic tooth and crowns. This is how the noted dentist ensures that the crowns are effectively and securely cemented to the existing teeth such that there is no difficulty in biting , eating, chewing and smiling.

With this effective process, Dr George Pegios can confidently assert that the bridges can last from five to seven years with maximum care and effective maintenance. Natural smiles are thus restored. There is no point brooding over the loss of natural teeth. Dr George Pegios is available to offer you the unique treatment for your teeth problems.

George Pegios is the Owner of Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry. George Pegios is a dentist, he earned bachelor of dental surgery in 1984 in Sydney.

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