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George Pegios explains what are implants

Dental implants are the next closest thing to real teeth better than any product or prototype in the market. They allow you eat and live a life that is real. You don’t have to shy anymore when it comes to eating, laughing, kissing and doing the normal things in life like traveling or other things that dentures don’t allow you to do.

Dental Implants by George Pegios

When dental implants come to mind, George Pegios recommends you think of artificial tooth roots similar to screws or some shape similar to it. When implants are screwed or placed in your mouth, they penetrate the jaw bone, they then bod with your bone. This makes them integrate with your skeleton. This gives the firmness to with stand a crown or artificial tooth. Most dentist build bridges from this.

Implants have been in the market for over 25 years and have helped out wonderfully. They have also progressed with science and becoming more cosmetic at the same time. They are strong to support any more or teeth size, but probably the best impact is to your self esteem because they become part of you and your mouth.

George Pegios does them they are the best!

George Pegios is an experienced and train dental implant expert, he is the safest bet to have to the best smile and most predictable procedure in all of Sydney.

The Facts of about Dental Plants by George Pegios.

  • Dental implants go back hundreds of years back to the Mayan empire. They would hammer shells that were shaped liked teeth to the jaw. Mainly on women of the tribe. Very old practice!
  • Implants are great because they stimulate your bone to grow. It also preserves your bone, this is what really helps stimulates your bone to grow.
  • In 1951 AAID was formed by a group of dentist who had practiced and been successful in placing dental implants. American Academy of Implant Dentistry, it’s a master mind group scenario that allows them to share their knowledge of implantology
Another image of dental implant screw
  • P.I. Branemark discovered how titanium works better than all metals with the bone. That moved the focus to the hip and knees. However, it revolutionized how implants were done. It also made them last much longer than before.

There are over 50 million implants in the world and a growing by over 500,000 every year.

Not every patient is a viable candidate. First contact your dentist to get an idea of this really for you. The total time commitment depends on many factors like needs, medical and dental history. It can be as a quick as in months or years. George Pegios can tell you how long.

George Pegios is the Owner of Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry. George Pegios is a dentist, he earned bachelor of dental surgery in 1984 in Sydney.

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